Saturday, March 12, 2011

Forever Never Ends, a novel by Scott Nicholson

A new kind of zombie...

When an alien entity lands in the remote Southern Appalachian Mountains, a clairvoyant psychology professor, a drunken dirt farmer, and a disillusioned tycoon must team up to stop it before the infection spreads.

The alien roots spread into the forest and feed on the surrounding organisms, altering the life forms it encounters. Plants wilt from the contact, trees wither, animals become deformed monstrosities, and people become botanical zombies driven to convert their neighbors.

Tamara Leon must control the telepathic connection she develops with the alien and attempt to understand it in order to destroy it. But the psychic bond could consume her as she leads her unlikely partners into battle.

The alien doesn’t want to devastate the world. It only wants to survive. But so do the people whose metabolism has become food for an otherworldly reaper
Priced at 99 cents.

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