Saturday, March 5, 2011

Being Light, a novel by Helen Smith


Smith has a keen eye for material details, but her prose is lucid and uncluttered by heavy description.  Imagine a satire on Cool Britannia made by the Coen Brothers.  --Times Literary Supplement

A screwball comedy that really works. --The Independent

This is a novel in which the ordinary and the unusual are constantly juxtaposed in various idiosyncratic characters... Its airy quirkiness is a delight. --The Times

Smith's world is as wacky as Nicola Barker's, but much funnier, less disquieting.  Perhaps the Evelyn Waugh of Decline and Fall comes closer... She is a great snapper-up of unconsidered trifles... Wicked! --Time Out

Product Description

When Roy Travers doesn’t come home his wife begins to suspect he has been abducted by aliens, and she enlists the help of a private detective to find him. But Roy was not taken by aliens. The truth is far stranger.
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