Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before Sunrise, a collection by John Prescott

Before Sunrise is a collection of 14 tales of horror, supernatural and the weird and it guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its pages. Follow Kyle Davidson as he, against his best friend's warning, gives his much loved animals a growth formula that gives unexplainable results. Sit inside a hotel as a category 5 hurricane bears down on a handful of people stranded on the Gulf Coast and with the storm comes something beyond imagination. Go with a hunter as he ventures out in the woods in the early morning only to find the woods are not what they seem. A small family with a child and an elderly relative living with them come to realize they have an unwelcome guest residing within their walls.
Other stories included are Chicken Bones, I am Justice, and Terror at 2:47a.m. All these and more await you within the pages of Before Sunrise, John Prescott's first short story collection. Also included is a special section entitled How It All Came to Be. This section is done by the author and tells how each story came to mind and then written. Once you start reading you will find this short story collection a hot page turner and you will not want to put it down.
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