Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Firefly Island, a novel by Dniel Arenson

When six-year-old Aeolia was sold into slavery to an ogre, her brother vowed he would find and free her some day, and she promised to never use her unique talent for making others feel exactly what she felt. Ten years later, men from the kingdom of Stonemark search her out because she is the only one who can hurt their king, who has become stone so that no physical weapon can harm him. Their arrival gives Aeolia the opportunity to flee the ogre and launches her on a quest that will bring friendships with the Firechild of the healing Helands and the shape-shifting Forestlands Firechild while she strives to free the Esirian refugees and liberate all Firefly Island from evil King Sinther's despotic rule. The violent and gory world Arenson has created is filled with interesting details and cultures; although the characters never quite come alive, he is an author to watch. Tixier Herald, Diana

Priced at $2.99.

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