Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Killercon, a novel by William Ollie

“You’d be crazy not to go,” is what Johnny Z told his pal Bryan, the writer whose third book has just hit the market, and that’s what Bryan told his neighbor, Larry, who’s dying to see what goes on at a horror convention.

Red33 is going to be there.

If he has his way, Larry’s going to get his dying wish; Bryan, too.
And anybody else who gets in Red’s way.

Priced at only 99 cents.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Futile Efforts, a collection by Tom Piccirilli

"In this disturbing, often grotesque and ultimately mesmerizing collection, Piccirilli (The Cold Spot) reprints 16 stories and 45 poems. Although the star-studded introductions are a nice bonus, Piccirilli's stories are the selling point, and all are standouts. "An Average Insanity, a Common Agony" is an emotionally devastating tale of a man trying to do the right thing for the sake of an innocent creature. "Alchemy" tells the story of five emotionally stunted people whose discovery of a dead body lets them visit their own dark places ("They weren't frightened [by the sight of the corpse]. None of us were. It broke up the monotony").

Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Burial Ground, a novel by Michael McBride

When the body of Hunter Gearhardt washes up on the banks of a seasonal river outside of Pomacochas, Peru, with only samples of vegetation, a handful of feathers, two black- and gray-streaked rocks, and a golden headdress of indeterminate origin in his possession, his grieving father launches an expedition to determine how his son died. The party uses these clues to divine Hunter’s route into the jungle, where they find a surviving offshoot of a primitive tribe, long thought to be extinct, and something far more sinister, something that’s been able to avoid discovery for eons for one simple reason: No one leaves the rainforest alive.


*Excerpt from Michael McBride's forthcoming novel, Vector Borne
*Excerpts from Innocents Lost and Predatory Instinct, also by Michael McBride

Priced at 99 cents.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2:27 A.M., a novel by Stephen James Price

Multiple narrative strands surround a greiving widower, Michael Saunders, a coven of witches (The Woman of the Thibodeaux Clan,) and Dr. Norman Baker, a charlatan in the 1930s claiming to have the cure for cancer. This story interweaves each of their lives with the motto, Be Careful What You Wish For.

A Horror Novel Based on a True Story.

Priced at $2.99.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pain, a novella by Harry Shannon

A Top Secret virus infects the water supply of a mountain town. Two mercenary soldiers, a retiring doctor and a handful of terrified patients struggle to defend a remote ER against a mob of the living dead. Through one long, harrowing night the living will learn there are many different kinds of...


BONUS CONTENT: contains the short story The Name of the Wicked from the author's collection A Host of Shadows.

“Harry Shannon's Pain is filled with razor-sharp wit and insights into human suffering that cut all the way to the bone. Highly recommended!”
— Jonathan Maberry, NY Times Bestseller,
Multiple Bram Stoker Award winner

“Shannon’s impeccable pacing and eye for the terrifying will leave the reader shaken and unsettled.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

“Writing that is controlled, assured, and filled with the kind of spooky atmosphere that used to make you hide your head under the bedcovers on wind-wracked nights.”
— Tom Piccirilli

“A writer who is not afraid to walk into the shadows and drag the things living there kicking and screaming into the light.”
— Brian Keene

Price at $2.99

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Gleefully Macabre Tales, a collection by Jeff Strand

Cemetery Dance Magazine says that "No author working today comes close to Jeff Strand's perfect mixture of comedy and terror." Gleefully Macabre Tales compiles 33 of his most twisted blends of cringe-worthy horror and ghoulish humor, with a couple of serious pieces thrown in just to mess with you.

This collection includes tales from his three chapbooks (Two Fisted Nuts, Socially Awkward Moments With An Aspiring Lunatic, and Funny Stories of Scary Sex) and numerous other stories both popular and obscure, including "Really, Really Ferocious" (the one with the wiener dog), "High Stakes" (the one with the slot machine), "Roasting Weenies by Hellfire" (the one with Satan), "The Bad Candy House" (the one with a very unpleasant old man at Halloween) and "The Socket" (the one with the eyeball socket). And, as a special demented bonus, the paperback edition includes the novella Disposal.

It also includes two of his entries in the World Horror Convention gross-out contest. But you don't want to read them.

So if you're looking to laugh, gasp, gag, or do all three at the same time, making sort of a weird sound that hurts your lungs and elicits odd glances from nearby pedestrians, don't miss Gleefully Macabre Tales!

General Details: Cover art by Frank Walls, Introduction by Jeff Strand, 33 stories, and one novella, Story Notes, 280 Pages in length. 
Priced at $2.99.
Find it in on Amazon here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coming back from a long illness.

I've been down and out for a while, but my Kindle stopped me from going crazy while I was confined to a hospital bed.

The food was bad, but the reading was great.  Please come back and look at my daily Kindle recommendations.

Tracy Schoonover

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beware, a novel by Richard Laymon

An invisible killer is chasing reporter Lacey Allen across Arizona, and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Takeover, a novel by Jack Drew

Chance Fordham is offered a dream job: a six figure salary and a house in an exclusive neighborhood filled with his coworkers. With no more debt to speak of, this job sounds like a dream come true for Chance and his wife. But soon, what started out sounding perfect degrades into a horrifying microcosm of terror. His job is not what it seems. The Company is evil. He just never knew HOW evil.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Seed, a novel by Ania Ahlborn

In the vine-twisted swamps of Louisiana, the shadows have teeth.

Jack Winter has spent his entire life running from something no one else can see. His childhood is his darkest secret, but after a near fatal accident along a deserted road, the darkness he was sure he’d escaped rears its ugly head… and smiles.

But this time, he isn’t the only one who sees the soulless eyes of his past. This time, his six-year-old daughter Charlie leans into his ear and whispers: "Daddy, I saw it too."

And then she begins to change.

Faced with reliving the nightmares of his childhood, Jack watches his daughter spiral into the shadows that had nearly consumed him twenty years before.

But Charlie isn’t the only one who’s changing.

Jack never outran the darkness. It’s been with him all along.

And it’s hungrier than ever.

A new breed of dark fiction: the subtlety of Seed will haunt you, and the end will wickedly satisfy.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

While the Savage Sleeps, a novel by Andrew F. Kaufman


Cameron Dawson's got a past he can't seem to shake, but he's hoping to change that. He's moved back home to Faith, New Mexico and taken a job as assistant sheriff. What he doesn't realize is that his newest nightmare's about to begin. Strange things are happening. People are disappearing, and for others, it's far worse …


Miles away in Albuquerque, Kyle Bancroft's life is spinning out of control. She's seeing, hearing, and dreaming things she can't explain: Flashbacks to World War II and an eerie hospital ward with locked doors, empty gurneys, and guttural screams. To make matters worse, a ghostly green-eyed girl is complicating her visions with an urgent message: Time is running out.


Kyle's otherworldly encounters are driving her straight toward Faith … and right into Cameron's life. The body count is rising, the pressure is mounting, and the clock is ticking as they rush to uncover a dangerous secret hiding just below the surface of this all-American town—one that's threatening to destroy Faith and everyone in it. A secret they must hunt down quickly … even if it costs them their own lives.


Priced at $2.99.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Bell, a novel by Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis

The tiny Welsh village of Upper Cynffig has a secret known only to a handful of people who live in fear of outsiders and of something that appears in their midst when hot, dry summers leech moisture from the world.

When chance brings Neil Cotton to the village, escaping from the wreckage of a broken relationship, he becomes caught up in a series of events that lead inexorably to a confrontation with the unspoken fear that grips the older residents.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Vines, a novel by Steven Thorn

Underneath the metropolis of Aretania, a terrifying monstrosity wreaks havoc in the mines. Assigned by the Emperor to regain the underground complexes, Captain Duncan leads his soldiers into the mines to face the growing menace before it destroys the entire city.

Lost in the darkness, chased through a dangerous labyrinth, Duncan discovers the horror is more intelligent than they'd been led to believe. Suddenly, destroying the vines no longer seems possible, and escape has become inconceivable.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Silent Box, a novel by D. R. Rux

Two years ago, archaeologists Frank and Beverly made the discovery of their lives.

Today Frank’s old partner and one of their digging assistants, Romerro, hold up Frank at gunpoint for the new secure location of Pandora's Box that only he knows. However, Bev and Romerro are merely the puppets whose strings are pulled by a sinister puppeteer.

The granddaughter of Bev’s old Anthropology professor holds the key to opening the box, which could cause then end of humankind. The only question left to know is, will Frank keep the box from the only one who can open the box, or will he fall and leave the world in Pandora’s hands?

Priced at 99 cents.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Forgotten April, a novel by Robyn Bradley

For April Sullivan-LaMonica, the last ten years have been hell: her husband and young son were killed in a car accident, and soon after, her mom descended into the darkness of Alzheimer's. So when broadcast journalist Maggie Prescott shows up claiming to be April's half sister and tries to capture their reunion on film, April outwardly regards Maggie with much suspicion. In reality, she's simply afraid to grow close to someone again, only to have that person leave--or worse.

Maggie, meanwhile, is battling her own demons: figuring out why her biological mother gave her up, facing a secret she's kept from the one man she's loved all her life, and giving herself permission to follow the dream she's had since she was a child.

Separated by nearly two decades and radically different life paths, April and Maggie must decide if pursuing their sisterhood is worth it…or even possible.

A story of loss, love, survival, and redemption, Forgotten April will speak to anyone who's experienced the pains--and riches--of an unexpected friendship that emerges from family ties.
Priced at 99 cents.
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Night Journey, a novel by Goldie Brownning

Two nights at America’s most haunted hotel, a spooky ghost tour with a visit to a former morgue, and a family wedding—all the ingredients for a fun-filled weekend. Emma and Zan Fuller have never been to the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas—at least not in this lifetime. But the ghosts that haunt the former cancer hospital remember Emma, and they won’t rest until she’s joined them once again. When a bizarre accident almost claims her life, her soul is catapulted backward in time to 1938. Things get even worse while she lies comatose, however, because she is now a target for an organ transplant scheme.

It’s Depression Era 1938 when Ivy Turner meets Harry Fuller. Love happens quickly, but they’ll never live happily ever after if her parents have their way. Despite their objections, the couple elopes. Wedded bliss soon turns to despair, however, when Harry is arrested and Ivy is sent to the Baker Cancer Hospital. But Ivy doesn’t have cancer. She’s pregnant with Harry’s child—the child who will someday become Zan Fuller’s father.

Emma wakes up, but not the way she’d expected. Her soul has entered the cancer-riddled body of a woman who had died only moments before. And to make matters worse, she’s trapped in time—it’s 1938. She’s back at the Crescent Hotel, which is now the Baker Cancer Hospital. The people who had once been simply characters in a ghost story are now living, breathing human beings. But Emma’s biggest worry is Zan’s grandmother, Ivy. If anything happens to her or her baby, Zan will never exist. Can Emma, imprisoned in a sick and dying body, rescue Ivy and Harry? Can Zan, in 2011, prevent the hospital from ending her life support and harvesting her heart?

Priced at $2.99.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Burn Out, a novel by Traci Hohenstein

For fans of Sue Grafton, Lisa Gardner, and Mary Higgins Clark comes a new suspense novel by Traci Hohenstein...

Lt. Samantha (Sam) Collins, a firefighter, vanishes after a warehouse fire the week before she was to testify at her estranged husband’s trial for drug charges. The only clue to her disappearance is a firefighter helmet that was left behind at the scene.

Rachel Scott founded Florida Omni Search after her own daughter disappeared when she was four. She has worked with law enforcement agencies all over the United States in locating missing people. Sam’s mother calls Rachel for assistance in locating her daughter. However, the search for Sam takes her on a journey that she never expected.

As she digs deeper into Sam’s past, she finds out more about the marijuana operation her husband Ken, a former police officer, was involved with.
In her desperate, terrifying search for Sam, Rachel also discovers clues about her own missing daughter, Mallory.

Will she locate Samantha in time and also find out what happened to her own daughter?

Priced at 99 cents.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The House Eaters, a novel by Aaron Polson

Nick Gillingham knew moving before his senior year would suck... but he never imagined a nightmare like Broughton’s Hollow. It’s bad enough Nick hears disembodied voices after moving near “the House”—a crumbling relic with a sinister past. But then the local football team decides to make him their new tackling dummy, the queen of the school starts manipulating him for her own nefarious purposes, and his parents’ marriage falls apart.

When Nick’s elderly neighbor hints whatever lurks within “the House” might be the cause of his troubles, he sets out to uncover the truth behind the local Indian legend of the “Eating Monster.” Nick will to have to rely on a band of social outcasts from school—and his loony kid sister—to put his life and family back together again. But even if he survives a close encounter with “the House,” Nick will still need to find a date for the homecoming dance.

"The quaint new-kid-in-town core of The House Eaters is only a ruse. Polson lures us in with this charming detail only to slam the door behind us, turn out the lights and watch us tremble in the dark. Brilliantly paced, The House Eaters turns the haunted house concept on its head with a style and brilliant cast of characters rarely found in today's dark fiction. The House Eaters is a treat for the young adult audience and horror aficionados alike." - Barry Napier, author of Masks of Our Fathers

"Check your doors, and when you're satisfied that you have neither too many nor too few, allow Aaron Polson to tell you the nightmarish tale he has weaved around a Native American legend." - Cate Gardner, author of Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits and Other Curious Things

Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Blurred Realities, a novel by Amber LaShell

Alexandra is taking a much needed vacation to Ireland, the place her ancestors are from. Early during the trip she notices an odd man with glowing green eyes staring at her from across a pub, and then starts having some very erotic dreams about him that are a little too real. Now she's on a mission to find out who, or what he is.

Priced at $2.99.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coyote's Daughter, a novel by Corie J. Weaver

Trapped in a world where the legends of Tewa mythology walk free, a young girl must solve an ancient mystery in order to return to her own world.

It is the beginning of summer, and twelve-year-old Maggie is angry about her family's move from San Diego to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lonely and resentful at her new circumstances, Maggie and her dog Jack explore their new neighborhood and soon find the shady trail leading up to the Rio Grande.

While playing by the river, Jack startles a strange young boy, Ash. Maggie is slowly drawn away from the real world of her family and into Ash's land, one populated by myths and legends. Threatening all is Shriveled Corn Man, a powerful sorcerer in search of vengeance for wrongs long past.

Guided by the trickster Coyote and the cryptic Spider Old Woman, Maggie and Jack must travel across Ash's world in order to free her new friend and his people.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Magpie's Secret,a novel by G.J. Lau

Looking for a great beach read? This could be it. The Magpie's Secret is a thriller with a heart, the perfect combination for whiling away a few hours under the Tuscan Sun or any other sun, for than matter.

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. You think so? Ask Frank Martinelli, and he might tell you different. It all began with the disappearance of his daughter Jennifer 20 years ago. She was on her way back to college and never made it. A year later a young girl named Rachel left Frank with an awful secret right before she died. The losses kept piling up. Soon his marriage was added to the toll.

After that he just quit trying to make sense of things. He put in his time and retired, a hollowed out man living a half-empty glass of a life, a story with an ending he didn't care about one way or another . . . Or so he thought until what started out as just another day in the life became a matter of life and death. His.

When an old Army buddy suddenly resurfaces to warn Frank that someone wants him dead, Frank starts asking why. The search for answers leads him back to Rachel's secret, a secret that someone apparently wants buried with Frank. In his quest to uncover the truth Frank finds a reason to start living again. The problem is, if Frank can't get to the bottom of things soon he may not have much time left to live.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Writer, a novel by Augusto Pinaud

George Mason published the three books that made him famous. His secret is that he never wrote any of them, and when a fourth one shows up he decides to destroy it. That generates an adventure of intrigue, crime and mystery. George runs to look for the missing clues putting his life and the life of those around him, in great danger. Will George succeed or be the protagonist of a fifth manuscript?

Priced at $4.99.

FInd it on Amazon.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Regret, a novel by Dan Dawkings

*As a Special Promotional Deal, REGRET will be priced at $0.99 for a limited time, leading up to the release of Dan Dawkin's short story collection THE TEACHERS' LOUNGE, due out in June. Get it at this great price while you can!*

Dan blamed himself for his wife's untimely death... at first, that is.

Dan, a newly published bestselling author has just begun to taste the good life: Money in the bank, house in a quiet neighborhood, beautiful wife. His monster of a fictional character--a wealthy, handsome, womanizing murderer--is the catalyst for Dan's good fortune, intriguing millions of readers. But when Dan sleeps with his agent on a business trip, and then confesses the whole thing to his wife in near tears, he sets off a chain of events that cause him to lose his wife and his grip on everything, including reality.

Fleeing his hometown in an attempt to outrun tormenting memories, Dan lands himself in a nearly forgotten small town in Oklahoma, taking up indefinite refuge in a Bed and Breakfast. While here, Dan's demons begin to prey on his mental instability, and the character that he's thrilled his readers with begins to come off the page and out into the flesh, sending shockwaves through the otherwise peaceful town, and giving Dan some interesting and horrific ideas on how to cope with his pain.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Pages of Promises, a collection by Stephen James Price

“Pages of Promises is a perfect title for this page-turning collection of short stories, for Stephen James Price is a very promising writer indeed.”--Bentley Little, author of THE BURNING and HIS FATHER'S SON

Pages of Promises is a collection of 14 dark, speculative fiction stories straight out of the twisted imagination of Stephen James Price. From a paean to Stephen King to the child of a serial killer, Price explores dark corners of the human heart with wit and skill. At the end of the volume, Price allows the reader to glimpse the insights and incidents that gave birth to each story.

Price is a Writers of the Future contest finalist and his work also appears in GRAVE CONDITIONS and THE OUTSIDERS.

"Stephen Price's stories have that smart, sharp snap that I look for in a short story ... He cuts deep and fast."
--Rick Hautala, Author of OCCASIONAL DEMONS and REUNION

"From psychological horror to coming-of-age chillers, Price is right--a welcome voice in genre fiction."
--Scott Nicholson, Author of The Red Church and Drummer Boy

Priced at 99 cents.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pinpoint, a novel by Sheila Mary Taylor

A lawyer, a murderer and a policeman – caught in a tangled web of love, loss, terror and intrigue.

When criminal lawyer Julia Grant interviews Sam Smith who has been charged with a vicious murder, she feels a strange connection to him.

Has she met him before? Does he hold a key to her lost childhood memories?

He feels a connection too. “Julia, you are the only one who can help me,” he pleads.

Is it the same connection? Does he know something she cannot recall?

When he is duly convicted despite her best efforts, he suddenly turns on her in the courtroom and threatens that one day he will make sure to wreak his revenge on her.

But why?

What has she ever done to him?
Priced at 99 cents.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Family Affair, a novel by Mary Campisi

When Christine Blacksworth’s larger-than-life father is killed on an icy road in Magdalena, New York, a hundred miles from the ‘getaway’ cabin he visited every month, she discovers a secret that threatens everything she’s always held to be true. Her father has another family which includes a mistress and a daughter. Determined to uncover the truth behind her father’s secret life, Christine heads to Magdalena, prepared to hate the people who have caused her to question everything she thought she knew about her father. But what she finds is a woman who understands her, a half sister who cherishes her, and a man who could love her if she’ll let him. The longer she’s around them, the more she questions which family is the real one. . .
Priced at 99 cents.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Mill River Recluse, a novel by Darcie Chan

Disfigured by the blow of an abusive husband, and suffering her entire life with severe social anxiety disorder, the widow Mary McAllister spends almost sixty years secluded in a white marble mansion overlooking the town of Mill River, Vermont. Her links to the outside world are few: the mail, the media, an elderly priest with a guilty habit of pilfering spoons, and a bedroom window with a view of the town below.

Most longtime residents of Mill River consider the marble house and its occupant peculiar, though insignificant, fixtures. An arsonist, a covetous nurse, and the endearing village idiot are among the few who have ever seen Mary. Newcomers to Mill River--a police officer and his daughter and a new fourth grade teacher--are also curious about the reclusive old woman. But only Father Michael O’Brien knows Mary and the secret she keeps--one that, once revealed, will change all of their lives forever.

The Mill River Recluse is a story of triumph over tragedy, one that reminds us of the value of friendship and the ability of love to come from the most unexpected of places.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

War Brides, a novel by Helen Bryan

As Britain prepares for war with Germany, the lives of five young women are about to collide in the sleepy Sussex village of Crowmarsh Priors.
New Orleans belle Evangeline Fontaine has eloped with a handsome English naval officer as a means of following her true love to France.
Alice Osbourne, jilted by Evangeline's husband, is resigned to a life as the village spinster.
Elsie Pigeon has only known life in London's East End but at fifteen finds herself evacuated to Crowmarsh Priors as a maid for the forbidding Lady Marchmont.
Young Jewish bride Tanni Joseph has fled Austria with her husband and arrives in the village with her newborn son, not knowing if her family are alive or if she will ever see them again.
Frances Falconleigh, madcap debutante, is sent in disgrace to her see out the war with her godmother, Lady Marchmont , But her high spirits ultimately lead her into danger when she tries to help her friend Tanni .
Together they will face hardship, passion and danger, forming bonds of friendship that will inspire a desperate plan, And, fifty years later, an act of revenge ...

Priced at 99 cents.

Find it on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Last Letter, a novel by Kathleen Shoop

Katherine wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t found the letter...

Katherine Arthur's mother arrives on her doorstep, dying, forcing her to relive a past she wanted to forget. When Katherine was young, the Arthur family had been affluent city dwellers until shame sent them running for the prairie, into the unknown. Taking her family, including young Katherine, to live off the land was the last thing Jeanie Arthur had wanted, but she would do her best to make a go of it. For Jeanie's husband Frank it had been a world of opportunity. Dreaming, lazy Frank. But, it was a society of uncertainty—a domain of natural disasters, temptation, hatred, even death. 

Ten-year-old Katherine had loved her mother fiercely, put her trust in her completely, but when there was no other choice, and Jeanie resorted to extreme measures on the prairie to save her family, she tore Katherine’s world apart. Now, seventeen years later, and far from the homestead, Katherine has found the truth – she has discovered the last letter. After years of anger, can Katherine find it in her heart to understand why her mother made the decisions that changed them all? Can she forgive and finally begin to heal before it’s too late?

Priced at 99 cents.

Find it on Amazon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bell, a novella by Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis

The tiny Welsh village of Upper Cynffig has a secret known only to a handful of people who live in fear of outsiders and of something that appears in their midst when hot, dry summers leech moisture from the world.

When chance brings Neil Cotton to the village, escaping from the wreckage of a broken relationship, he becomes caught up in a series of events that lead inexorably to a confrontation with the unspoken fear that grips the older residents.

The Bell is a short novel of terror by the multiple British Fantasy Award nominated authors of The Quarry and The Ice Maiden.

"Lockley & Lewis have a compelling and brilliant writing style and display a great ability to create and maintain suspense and terror." -- Mario Guslandi

"'It's said that the divergent thinker will go to hell faster, while the convergent will go deeper. This partnership must feature both." -- Chaz Brenchley

Monday, June 27, 2011

Deadly Decisions, a novel by Starr Gardinier Reina

Trouble and misery can be part of life's ordeals, but for Ivanovich and Mancini they are everyday concerns. After his debacle of a life in "In the Name of Revenge", Pavel Ivanovich tries to find a new direction. Instead, his days are upended with the constant turmoil of drama with Teresa Mancini—the spoiled daughter of a mob boss, wanna-be agent and Pavel's girlfriend—thrown in the mix. Bullets fly, bombs explode and people get hurt. Ivanovich's existence is an entire commotion of murder and mayhem, including a near-death experience and many other, narrow escapes while Mancini tries to become involved waist-deep in every one of Pavel’s cases.

Priced at $2.99.

Find it on Amazon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Murderson, a novel by Mark Yarwood

London and the South West of England are the hunting ground of a serial killer. The brutal killer, nicknamed The Clock, hunts young men in their thirties, kills them and turns their bodies into macabre clock faces at each crime scene.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Webb, a tired middle aged policeman with a failed relationship still haunting him, investigates the series of murders with the help of Dr. Kirill Fedorov, a man who believes he can spot potential serial killer behaviour in children and cure it. Webb also persuades the now fully-grown Luke Wind, the only British boy that Dr. Fedorov cured and treated like a son, to help him find the killer. Fedorov convinces Luke that he should still be able to understand a serial killer's mind, but when Luke looks into himself he begins to doubt that he has been cured after all, especially when the killings begin to look personal.
Priced at $2.99.

FInd it on Amazon.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Heart Stealer, a novel by Tiphanie Thomas

After several box-office flops, movie star Randall Rowe returns to his small hometown to rebuild his relationship with his preacher father and persuades stubborn Kayla Denton, the runaway he'd once helped, to decorate his new home. With their close proximity, Randall starts seeing independent Kayla as an alluring woman with whom he can be himself, though he knows she's all wrong for him. Meanwhile, Kayla has already been abandoned by one man in her life, and she's determined not to endure it again. Yet underneath Randall's fast lifestyle and devil-may-care persona lies more than she could've imagined. Can either of them ever trust the deep connection they share when faced with Hollywood and crippling fears?

About the Author

Tiphanie Thomas is a Michigan native and former financial analyst. She loved books and writing since a young girl. Visit her at
Priced at $2.99.
Find it on Amazon.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Offerings, a novella by Stewart Felkel

Retired, and recently widowed, FBI agent Tommy McCain moves to a small town in Louisiana in search of a missing friend. What he finds is a community of characters who are sometimes quirky and sometimes sinister. Every small town has its secrets, but this town harbors a much darker secret that confounds Tommy and might have already consumed his friend.

Offerings is a 12,000 word mystery novella with a supernatural twist. It's in turns suspenseful and poignant. Fans of both Twin Peaks and H.P. Lovecraft will enjoy this story.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stopwatch and Timer, An Application for your Kindle

A Gamz Stopwatch and Timer provides a stopwatch, countdown timer and a date and time display for Kindle.

You can use Stopwatch and Timer as a convenient kitchen helper, a break reminder, or as a stopwatch. The stopwatch has lap timers and the ability to pause. With the countdown timer, you can pause your countdown or reset it at any time. The countdown timer also has commonly used presets of thirty seconds, one minute and five minutes to make countdowns quick and easy, or you may enter any duration you wish. Stopwatch and Timer will also tell you how long since your countdown finished -- in case you miss the end.

Make the most of your time by using Stopwatch and Timer today!

Please Note: Stopwatch and Timer does not make sound nor wake up your Kindle. Stopwatch and Timer will however, keep accurate timer or stopwatch times while your Kindle is asleep.

Priced at 99 cents.

Find it on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dust Devils, a novel by Roger Smith


Framed for murdering his family, South African journalist Robert Dell's only ally is his oldest enemy: his father, an ex-CIA hitman with one last shot at redemption. Hunting the real killer, father and son take a bloody road trip into the heart of darkness, uncovering a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of the State.

Praise for DUST DEVILS

“Roger Smith is the master of the coolly-described nightmare.” DER SPIEGEL (Germany)

“Topping my list of favorite crime thrillers of all time. Absolutely breathtaking”

“An amped-up, page-turning noir sure to leave the reader blistered
and bruised with satisfaction.”

“Roger Smith’s best work. Shocking, unsparing and very satisfying.”

“Noir at its most brutal and honest. Not so much about the dark and the shadows as it is about the stark light of the noonday sun.”

“A compelling, high-octane page turner.”

Priced at $3.99.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If You Go Into The Woods, 2 short storied by Daivd Gaughran

If You Go Into The Woods is a collection of two unsettling short stories. 

The title story is set in Caslav, a small town 60 miles west of Prague, Czech Republic. Jiri Beranek is drawn to a nearby forest, captivated by birds hidden high in the trees. Each time he enters, his desire to see the mysterious creatures is checked by his fear of the dark. When he finally forces himself to go farther, he finds a new reason to be afraid. This story was first published by The Delinquent (UK) then selected by Short Story America for inclusion in their anthology of their best stories of 2010.

The bonus story - The Reset Button - is set in Stockholm, Sweden in the depths of winter. Linus Eriksson, a divorced bachelor living alone in his small one-bedroom apartment, is a man with a memory problem: instead of not being able to remember anyone, nobody can remember him. This story is brand new, exclusively available in this e-book.

They have a combined length of 4,000 words, or around 16 book pages.
Priced at 99 cents.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Mama, a novel by Robin Morris


As the Conover family drives from L.A. to Chicago, increasingly strange things begin to happen. Nine year old Michael sees a face form in the glass of the car's window. Fourteen year old Alison sees two creepy children outside the family's motel room. A car follows them, then purposely hits them and speeds away.

Mama has found the Conovers and is using them as a lesson for her children. Mama is relentless, Mama is powerful, and Mama will not stop until the Conovers are dead.

Priced at $2.99.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Love Never Fails, a novel by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Old love sometimes fades away...

When a late night phone call from the former love of her life interrupts both her sleep and her otherwise quiet existence, Caroline Cunningham finds she can’t refuse Reid Ramsay's request for help. As the call pulls Caroline back to her small hometown and into the heart of the search for Reid’s missing brother, Caroline finds the feelings she thought she'd buried where Reid was concerned are indeed alive and well.

And sometimes it refuses to die...

Reid Ramsay is still in love with Caroline Cunningham. As they work together searching for Reid's brother, Reid and Caro finding themselves attempting to rebuild the life they once shared together. But their future remains uncertain. Before they can find the happiness they seek, each must work through the emotional baggage of the past and test the theory they desperately hope rings true.
Priced at $5.99.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Doubleback, a novel by Libby Fischer Hellman

Anthony-finalist Hellmann's taut second novel of suspense to feature Chicago PI Georgia Davis (after Easy Innocence) teams Davis with video producer Ellie Foreman, the heroine of the author's other series (A Shot to Die for, etc.). When eight-year-old Molly Messenger is apparently kidnapped, a family friend turns to Ellie for help. Feeling out of her depth, Ellie asks Georgia to get involved, only to have the girl reappear unharmed just days later. After Molly's bank manager mother, Christine, dies in a suspicious car accident, Georgia gets on a trail that leads from Wisconsin to Arizona. Meanwhile, Ellie stumbles onto a paramilitary training camp connected to Christine's bank. Hellmann skillfully juggles disparate threads of bank fraud, extortion, drugs and illegal immigration. While some may find the use of dual narrators confusing, it works with Ellie's cooler-head yin balancing out Georgia's take-no-prisoners yang. (Oct.)
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Priced at $2.99.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Hogdoggin', a novel by Anthony Neil Smith

From Publishers Weekly

The squeamish will want to avoid this violence-laden sequel to Smith's Yellow Medicine (2008), in which terrorists framed Billy Lafitte, a former Minnesota deputy, for some gruesome murders. Now in South Dakota, Lafitte is serving as sergeant at arms for Steel God, the ruler of a biker gang whose control over his clan is coming under challenge as his health declines. After Lafitte gets an emergency message to return home, he crosses paths with the FBI agent he once assaulted, Franklin Rome, who's plotting revenge against him. Most of the action concerns the efforts of Rome, aided by his assistant, Joshua McKeown, to catch up with Lafitte, who accumulates additional enemies along the way. The book's brutality is exemplified by the blood sport that provides the title, which matches vicious dogs like rottweilers against helpless pigs. Fans of darkest noir will be most satisfied. (June)
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From Booklist

Dodging federal arrest warrants and his old nemesis (special FBI agent Franklin Rome), ex–rogue cop Billy Lafitte—introduced in Smith’s Yellow Medicine (2008)—abandons his job as enforcer for a motorcycle gang and rumbles back to Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. Rome is squeezing Lafitte’s suicidal wife to lure him home, planning his own unauthorized revenge play. Lafitte thinks he’s riding his turquoise-blue chopper to the rescue, but violence and destruction follow in his wake. Smith’s version of Minnesota is no Lake Wobegon; the inhabitants are refreshingly made up entirely of the deranged, the damaged, and the doomed. If you can picture the intellectual and physical mayhem that might have resulted from a Jim Thompson and Harry Crews collaboration, you’d be on the right track. But Anthony Neil Smith is his own writer—and a very fine one, indeed. --Elliott Swanson
Priced at 99 cents.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Midnight Reflections, a novel by Pamela M. Richter

Julia's midnight reflections actually happened about four in the morning. She was far from home, lonely, watching a handsome man sleeping in her bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Robin, the handsome sleeping man, had put himself in terrible danger so she could solve a mystery. She had managed to rescue him, but now she was feeling guilty as hell.

Julia was playing a dangerous undercover role herself, working to complete her late brother's manuscript for a famous movie producer, while trying to find out why her brother was murdered. The other mystery was who this man, Robin, really was. She feared he might be much more than the simple mechanic he proclaimed himself to be. Can she really trust him?

Robin, while helping her in the investigation, actually is playing a role of his own, hiding his true identity, trying to win her heart.

Together, Julia and Robin manage to uncover information so explosive they are forced to flee a furiously angry and influential politician, who rules an army of people willing to do anything to get in his good graces. Even murder.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Witness to Death, a novel by Dave White

John Brighton is an ordinary young schoolteacher still hung up on his ex, Michelle. Suspecting her new boyfriend is cheating on her, John decides to follow Frank's Lexus and find out the truth once and for all. Turns out John's in for a major surprise. Frank isn't heading for some sack time with another girl. Instead he drags John into the middle of a shootout on the banks of the Hudson River, and before John knows what's happening, he's knee-deep in bodies.

Before the corpses can even cool, Frank disappears and John finds himself wanted for five murders. With no way to prove his innocence, John goes on the run—not only from the police, but a vicious assassin as well. And when Michelle is kidnapped, John’s worst-case scenario comes true. Though his head tells him to stay in hiding, his heart says otherwise. He has to save the woman he loves or die trying.

As John begins to uncover the truth surrounding the events that have turned his life upside down, he learns it isn’t just Michelle he must rescue. Thousands of other innocent lives are in jeopardy too.

A heart-pounding, heart-stopping, heart-breaking thriller from two-time Shamus Award nominated author, Dave White. For fans of Harlan Coben, Thomas Perry and Jeff Abbott.
Priced at 99 cents.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beautifl, Naked and Dead, a novel by Josh Stallings

BEAUTIFUL, NAKED AND DEAD is hard-boiled crime novel. Moses McGuire a suicidal strip club bouncer is out to avenge the death of one of his girls. From his East L.A. home, through the legal brothels of Nevada and finally to a battle with the mob in the mountains above Palo Alto, it is a sex soaked, rage driven, road trip from hell.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Draculas, a novel by Crouch, Kilborn, Strand & Wilson


Mortimer Moorecook, retired Wall Street raider, avid collector, is losing his fight against cancer. With weeks to live, a package arrives at the door of his hillside mansion—an artifact he paid millions for…a hominoid skull with elongated teeth, discovered in a farmer’s field in the Romanian countryside. With Shanna, his beautiful research assistant looking on, he sinks the skull’s razor sharp fangs into his neck, and immediately goes into convulsions.


A rural hospital. A slow night in the ER. Until Moorecook arrives strapped to a gurney, where he promptly codes and dies.


Four well-known horror authors pool their penchants for scares and thrills, and tackle one of the greatest of all legends, with each writer creating a unique character and following them through a vampire outbreak in a secluded hospital.

The goal was simple: write the most intense novel they possibly could.

Which they did.

A Word of Warning:

Within these pages, you will find no black capes, no satin-lined coffins, no brooding heartthrobs who want to talk about your feelings. Forget sunlight and stakes. Throw out your garlic and your crosses. This is the Anti-TWILIGHT.

NOTE: DRACULAS is a full length novel, 80,000 words long. But this ebook is also brimming with an additional 80,000 words of extras and bonuses:

- a clickable table of contents
- a round-robin interview with Strand, Wilson, Crouch, and Kilborn about writing DRACULAS
- deleted scenes
- two alternate endings
- four excerpts from the authors’ other works
- the short story “Serial” by Crouch and Kilborn
- the short story “Cub Scout Gore Feast” by Kilborn and Strand
- the short story “A Sound of Blunder” by Kilborn and Wilson
- author biographies
- comprehensive clickable bibliographies
- an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the writing of DRACULAS, delivered through a collection of over seven hundred emails between the writers as they were brainstorming and writing the book

Priced at $2.99

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Houdini's Last Illusion, a novel by Steven Savile

Harry Houdini is a haunted man. Haunted by success; his emotions; and now by some of his compatriots: famed and feted illusionists like himself. The only problem is that they are dead. Houdini knows that time is running out, and before he is ready to die he must perform one final trick, the greatest illusion of his life...

"The story reads almost as if it might be a lost episode from the electrifying life of the world's most celebrated escapologist."
--SF Site

"Savile's narrative is deceptively low-key, showing a thoughtful (almost philosophical) aging Houdini as he calmly addresses his own mortality—knowing full well that his debt is indeed up for repayment... wallows in a realistic nostalgia—both the nostalgia Houdini feels for his glorious youth, and that which the author seems to feel for the period."
--William Gagliani, Chizine.

"The plot moved along, and the supernatural delighted and surprised. I find it particularly wonderful that someone gifted with real magical ability would still use illusion for shows and showing up spirits."

"I simply had to finish it in a single sitting.... There's no waste of words here. His has a knack of breathing life into his characters without having to explain every nuance. 9/10"
--Eternal Night.

"It’s easily the best book I’ve read so far this year, and earns a 10 out of 10."
--The Horror Drive-In.

"I urge you to buy a copy of the book: you'll discover than even fiction, like the tricks performed by a skilled illusionist, can be magic. 5 Stars.
--Mario Guislandi, The Zone

Priced at 99 cents.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sonny Strange, A Motivational Memoir in Minor, a novel by Noel Farrel

Sonny Strange gets taken in by an Internet Scam as Ireland boils in an economic melting pot.

Priced at $2.99.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Shelter - Blood Haze: Book One, a novel by Tara Shuler

Two guys, one girl, and two dark secrets that threaten to tear her world apart.

Alice Wright is a young vampire going to high school for the first time at the age of seventeen at the behest of her eccentric mother. In many ways, she's more afraid of the human students than they would be of her.

She feels lost and awkward in human society, but she soon develops a strong bond with the cousin of one of her human classmates, nineteen year old Kai. He is beautiful, but somewhat of an enigma. She discovers a dark secret in Kai's life, and she instantly wants to shelter him from the pain that has tormented him all his life.

Then she meets Maksim Augustine, the incredibly gorgeous guy who seems more like he should be a model than a high school student. She is overwhelmingly attracted to him physically, but her love for Kai causes her to continually push him away. Eventually, she discovers a frightening secret about Max, too.

But Max's secret threatens to destroy everything...

Priced at 99 cents.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ladies Night, a novel y Jack Ketchum

Ladies' Night is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of sheer nerve rattling terror, previously deemed too violent for mass market publication. In this modern tale of the ages-old battle of the sexes carried to the extreme, Jack Ketchum again provides readers with an excursion into horror as relentless as a John Woo film.

Tom Braun and his wife Susan aren't exactly a picturesque couple. Thus it comes as no surprise that Tom continually spends late evenings in bars and cheats on his wife. Unfortunately, their son Andy is caught in the middle of his parent's childish banter and family chaos. One life-altering evening turns this family's, along with most of New York's, perceptions on the nuclear family and male/female relationships upside down.

When a tanker trunk with "Ladies Inc." emblazoned on the side crashes in a quiet area in New York, an area it doesn't have authorization to be in, it liberally spills its contents all over the road and into the surrounding atmosphere. The local authorities deem the contents of the spill to be safe, based merely on the assumption that products coming from a women's label are more than likely benign. Moreover, the smell emanating from the spill is one of sweet cherry, similar to lollipops, which must of course be harmless if not favorable. This aforementioned assumption proves fatally incorrect. The chemical load the truck was hauling procures a discomfiting, bestial effect in women, forcing them to savagely attack males in their vicinity. Be they former friend or foe.

Tom, while at a local bar, absorbs the evening's strange turn of events with traumatizing clarity as he witnesses first hand the metamorphosis of surrounding women into gruesomely instinctual brutes and mantis-like predators. He must get home to his son Andy, who is currently alone with his wife Susan. Hopefully before it is too late.

Priced at $2.99.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Until She Sleeps, a novella by Tim Lebbon

300 years ago, a white witchwho absorbed the nightmares of others, was buried alive in the basement of a church. When she is accidentally unearthed, the nightmares become reality and death follows.

It's up to thirteen-year-old Andy to stop her before she destroys the town.

Priced at $2.99.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blurred Realities, a novel by Amber LaShell

Alexandra is taking a much needed vacation to Ireland, the place her ancestors are from. Early during the trip she notices an odd man with glowing green eyes staring at her from across a pub, and then starts having some very erotic dreams about him that are a little too real. Now she's on a mission to find out who, or what he is.

Priced at $2.99.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chop Suey, a novel by Ty Hutchinson

Add one lovable dope.

A cook with a secret past.

Throw in a couple of gang members.

Mix in a pair of Chinatown detectives.

Then combine it all with Ling Chi, death by 1,000 cuts.

And you have the perfect recipe for Chop Suey.

Book Description

When disgraced sales associate, Darby Stansfield, discovers he has six months to save his job, he does what any normal person would do. He freaks.

Desperate to resurrect his career at Teleco Wireless, he conjures up an international scheme filled with the promise of endless high-spending clients. It’s brilliant, it’s successful, and it involves doing business with organized crime.

But soon those closest to him find themselves caught up in his dangerous plan and one of these unknowingly has the power to destroy him. Darby must now make a tough decision––give up on the one good idea he ever had or risk it all.

Chop Suey is a 90,000 word action thriller. That's 381 pages of holy moly.

Priced at $2.99.
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