Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lethal Play, a novel by Loretta Giacoletto

Newly widowed Francesca Canelli would do anything to help her 15-year-old son Matt, an ambitious soccer player determined to honor his dad’s memory. Financially strapped and emotionally devastated, Francesca accepts a sexual proposition from the coach of Pegasi United who promises to secure Matt a starting position on his premier St. Louis team. Their bargain quickly sours when the coach abuses Francesca, demeans Matt, and threatens to renege on the deal.

The coach with more enemies than friends soon winds up dead, his battered and naked body hanging from a goalpost crossbar. In the ensuing investigation Francesca becomes the prime suspect. Now she's playing games with the detectives, her vulnerability fading as she fights to keep herself out of jail and her family intact. But then Francesca discovers she’s not the only person who really knows what happened that night the coach died. She has no choice but to strike a new bargain but will this one resolve her growing problems.

Priced at $2.99.

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The Sweater Curse, a novel by Leanne Dyck

Aspiring knitwear designer Gwen Bjarnson is stuck in Purgatory. To escape, she must re-examine her life, journey through her past and right a wrong.

But which wrong?

Young and in love, she works to establish her career, except fate has different plans. One rash act and she loses everything. Never resting, always seeking, and yearning for what she can no longer have, Gwen faces the truth: if she remains, others are destined to die. How will she solve the mystery before it is too late?

Priced at $3.99.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Calamity, a novel by J.T. Warren

There is no emotion deadlier than grief. This fact makes a profound impact on each member of the Williams family as they follow separate paths to answer the age-old question, "What would you do to save your family?"

One will pay with their life. One will lose touch with reality. One will lose everything that is dear to them and one will pay in ways unimaginable.

It's hard to question God's will. Even when His disciples are destoying your family.
Priced at $2.99.
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Hudson House, a novel by J.T. Warren

Teenagers Eric, Tommy, and Ed never should have entered . . . but once they did, they unleashed a power impossible to control, an evil presence intent on destroying everything they know.

They are not the first to suffer in the house at the corner of Mangle Lane and Jackson Drive.
Not the first to discover its unholy promise . . .
or the first to know its evil . . .

One will perish, one will be seduced, and one will do anything to fight back.

To fight the evil that resides at Hudson House, the darkest regions of the mind and heart must be explored. But once they go down that path, there may be no way back.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Generations, a novel by William Meikle

Tom wants to see a dragon. And his Grandad wants to make one. But neither of them are prepared for the consequences when they accidentally spill Grandad's special growth formula on the ground. Insects, grown to giant-size, start to emerge, a few only at first, then more and more...a huge, swarming, mass of them. Now Tom, along with farmer's daughter, Kate, must battle against the giant bugs to save Kate's parents. They need help...big help. The kind of help a dragon can provide...

Priced at 99 cents.

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The Concordances of the Red Serpent, a novel by William Meikle

Patty Doyle holds the secret to eternal life, but it may only bring her an early death.

Patty is a cataloguer of rare manuscripts, working on part of a newly discovered journal of a 14th Century alchemist. Just another dull day on the job. But after mentioning it in her blog she gets to the office to find everyone brutally murdered. Now she's on the run with the incomplete journal, trying to find the rest, pursued by a killer who wants the secret of eternal life it contains.

The quest leads her halfway across the world to the castles and misty history of Scotland. She thinks she's looking for a manuscript. But the things she learns on the journey all point to the 14th Century alchemist himself, a man who is still very much alive.

From the Author
The Concordances of the Red Serpent is a thriller set in the USA, Canada and Scotland and is my attempt at one of those glossy caper movies Hitchcock used to make back in the day with a blonde in peril. Mix that with a bit of Da Vinci Code type musings on alchemical secrets and stir well.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wrecker, a novel by Dave Conifer

Jane thought a loveless marriage was as bad as it could get.

Steve thought life was perfect with a hired man to do his chores.

They were both wrong.

Jane Havelock is coping a day at a time in a bad marriage when her husband Steve hires handyman Rob Manteo for a never-ending series of odd jobs around the house. At first Jane is repulsed by Manteo, a huge, muscular man with primitive communication skills. But revulsion reluctantly gives way to curiosity and even fascination as loneliness drives her into a precarious friendship with Manteo. He’s morose and mysterious, but there’s definitely more to him than meets the eye. He seems to be hiding something.

As her marriage and her husband’s career crumble around her, Jane digs into Manteo’s past and uncovers a horrible secret. She knows now that it was more than chance that brought Manteo into their world, but it may be too late.
Priced at 99 cents.

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Shadows, a novel by Joan De La Haye

Sarah is forced to the edge of sanity by the ghosts of her family’s past. Suffering from violent and bloody hallucinations, she seeks the help of psychiatrist and friend, Michael Brink.

After being sent to an institution in a catatonic state covered in blood - from stabbing her unfaithful boyfriend - Sarah is forced to confront the truth about her father’s death and the demon, Jack, who caused her father's suicide and who is now the reason for her horrific hallucinations. Unlike her father, Sarah refuses to kill herself. She bargains for her life and succeeds.

In Sarah’s struggle to regain her life and her sanity, she discovers there is more to the world than she could ever have imagined, and it leaves her seeking the answer to the nagging question, "Who is really mad?"
Priced at $2.99.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crime Beat, a novella by Scott Nicholson

Crime doesn't pay...but neither does journalism.


When John Moretz takes a job as a reporter in the Appalachian town of Sycamore Shade, a crime wave erupts that boosts circulation and leaves people uneasy. Then a murder victim is discovered, and Moretz is first on the scene.

As more bodies turn up, Moretz comes under police suspicion, but the newspaper's sales are booming due to his coverage of sensational crime. His editor is torn between calling off his newshound and cashing in on the attention, plus the editor is romancing the big-city reporter assigned to cover the suspected serial killer.

And Moretz seems to be one step ahead of the other reporters, the police, and even the killer himself.

CRIME BEAT is a 21,000-word novella, the equivalent of about 80 book pages. Also contains the bonus story "Do You Know Me Yet?" from HEAD CASES.
Priced at 99 cents.

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Dead to Writes, a novel by Cathy Wiley

Cassandra Ellis is a soon-to-be published author, days away from achieving her lifetime goal. But before she can celebrate, before she can even have her first book signing, she’s brought in to Baltimore City Police Headquarters for questioning in connection to a real-life murder.

It seems she’s the last person to see the victim alive, since she had just met with the former arsonist to conduct research for her next book. Most damning, her day planner was found next to the body.

When another of her subject matter experts is killed-- again right after meeting with her-- Cassie decides to investigate things herself, rather than leaving it in the hands of the police. Although she’d love to get her hands on the homicide detective assigned to the cases.

Using all the tools available to her, including her research skills, her knowledge of murder and murderers, and… psychic parrots, she tries to solve the case before another friend is killed. Along the way, she finds out that murder in real life is different than murder on the page.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bye Bye Baby, a novella by Allan Guthrie

A UK Kindle Store Top Ten Bestseller

When a seven-year-old boy disappears after school, the case is handed to Detective Frank Collins. He's been looking to lead a high-profile case for a while, and sets out determined to prove his worth. But the missing schoolboy is only a trigger for another crime. Someone is intent on exploiting the boy's grief-stricken mother. And they have plans for Frank Collins too.

Praise for BYE BYE BABY

"The approach is so fresh that it makes the whole thing feel like the first time I've read a police story" Do Some Damage

"...a purely original, funny, sharp piece of writing. It has a plot that develops in an unorthodox, non-linear fashion--hardly resembling many of the police procedurals I've read. It's often noted that Guthrie is one of the top working mystery writers, and he certainly lives up to that reputation..." Death By Killing

"A story that moves quickly, in short chapters of crisp prose, with plenty of plot turns to hold the attention, and characters you can love and others you can hate... Like Guthrie's full-length novels, Bye Bye Baby is sly, noir as all hell (more noir than some, actually), and it just might bring a tear of pity to your eyes. It's a police procedural filled with incident and back story, and man, what an ending." Detectives Beyond Borders

"...a dark, clever, funny and sad story which races along to reach a smart conclusion. A tough and lovely slice of the hard side of life." You Would Say That, Wouldn't You?

Priced at 99 cents.

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Remix, a novel by Lexi Revellian

Caz Tallis restores rocking horses in her London workshop. When shabby but charismatic Joe and his dog turn up on her roof terrace, she is reluctantly drawn into investigating a rock star’s murder from three years before – an unsolved case the police have closed. Somebody is prepared to kill to prevent it being reopened – and is Caz's judgment clouding as she falls in love?

REMIX is a feel-good page turner, that you won't want to put down until you reach the satisfying ending.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Easy Innocence, a novel by Libby Fischer Hellman

In this fast-paced mystery, the author of the Ellie Forman series introduces suspended cop and now PI Georgia Davis. Georgia is hired to help clear a mentally ill man, Cam Jordan, who is accused of killing a teenage girl, Sara Long, in a local forest preserve. It looks like an open-and-shut case; Cam’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and the victim’s blood is on his shirt. However, Georgia and Cam’s lawyer suspect Cam is being railroaded. Through her investigation, Georgia finds Sara was killed at a high-school hazing, and a local teenage prostitution ring is operating on the North Shore, a privileged, upper-class area north of Chicago. Also, there is a shady real-estate deal going on. Even when Georgia finds enough evidence to cast doubt on Cam’s culpability, she continues her investigation, intent on finding out who killed Sara and why. Georgia is a loner with a minimalist lifestyle who is recovering from her breakup with her boyfriend. She is a principled, compassionate character, determined to do the right thing, even if it doesn’t follow conventional assumptions. --Sue O'Brien

Priced at 99 cents.

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The View From Here, a novel by Rachel Howzell

The View from Here focuses on the beauties and hardships of marriage; the betrayals and promises made between husbands and wives; and the grief of one woman haunted by secrets.

Nicole Baxter has always tried to control every element of her life, but that control is slipping away. She has issues. Abandonment issues. Marital issues. Conception issues. And she thinks her house in the hills is haunted. It doesn't help that her husband Truman spleunks and climbs, making her worry more with each adventure he takes. As the two grow apart, Nicole makes decisions that may ultimately shatter her fragile marriage.

Her life changes on the afternoon she receives a phone call from the harbor. During a scuba dive, Truman disappears. No one -- not his diving instructor, not the Coast Guard -- can find him. Is he still alive? Or is grief making her believe the impossible?
Priced at 99 cents.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Father's Child, a novel by Mike Adair

John Truman, a bright, introverted, college student belongs to the New Dawn...he just doesn't know it yet. The plans of the 300-year-old, Oxford-based, secret society revolve around him, the final piece in their puzzle. He struggles with almost everything - the girl he loves, the extroverted uber-social best friend, his estranged father, and the recurring visions that compromise his ability to interact with others. All John wants is to get through today; all they want is to rule the world.

Suspense, intrigue, mystery, and romance all woven together into one thrilling tapestry. Enter a world where nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted. Are you ready?

Priced at 99 cents.

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The Gods of Dream, a novel by Daniel Arenson

What are dreams? Some think they are figments of our mind. But what if they were wisps of a distant, magical world... a world you could visit?

Twins Cade and Tasha discover Dream, the land dreams come from. It is a realm of misty forests, of verdant mountains, of mysterious gods who send dreams into our sleep. Cade and Tasha seek solace there; they are refugees, scarred and haunted with memories of war. In Dream, they can forget their past, escape the world, and find joy.

Phobetor, the god of Nightmare, was outcast from Dream. Now he seeks to destroy it. He sends his monsters into Dream, and Cade and Tasha find their sanctuary threatened, dying. To save it, the twins must overcome their past, journey into the heart of Nightmare, and face Phobetor himself.

Discover a world of light and darkness, of hope and fear, of dreams and nightmares. Discover The Gods of Dream.
Priced at $2.99.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Playing the Game, a novel by Simon Gould

Detective Michael Patton of the LAPD has been targeted by a serial killer named 'The Chemist' - He does not know why. Two girls are already dead and a third has only 24 hours to live. For Detective Patton, this is a game he has to win.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Live Free of Die, a novel by Jessie Crockett

Life in tiny Winslow Falls, New Hampshire is pretty darn good until an arsonist decides to ruin everyone’s Christmas.
The way volunteer fire chief Gwen Fifield sees it, her life in rural New Hampshire is as good as it can be. Sure, she’s gained twenty pounds and her property taxes have skyrocketed, but her basement didn’t flood this year and the general store started delivering pizza.
All things considered, Gwen’s got no complaints….that is until she finds a body sizzled like a sausage in the smoldering remains of the Winslow Falls museum.
When an artifact from the museum is traced to an immigrant family, most local residents are quick to blame the outsiders. But clues from the past convince Gwen that the town she’s always trusted is harboring a home-grown murderer.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Impeding Justice, a novel by Mel Comley

A gritty fast-paced crime novel set in London.

Underworld criminal The Unicorn cruelly destroys lives. His business dealings involve people trafficking, extortion and terrorism. His victims are those who insist on standing in his way.

Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins fears if she doesn't bring the Unicorn to justice soon he'll punish her.
After leading Lorne and her partner into a trap in which Pete is killed, the Unicorn ups his game further by kidnapping the DI's daughter.
Can Lorne rescue her teenage daughter and overcome life threatening situations to bring the Unicorn down?

Read on to find out...

Priced at 99 cents.

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The Innocent, a novel by Vincent Zandri

Getting caught is simply not an option.

It's been a year since Jack Marconi's wife was killed. Ever since, he's been slipping up at his job as warden at an upstate New York prison. It makes him the perfect patsy when a cop-killer breaks out--with the help of someone on the inside. Throwing himself into the hunt for the fleeing con, Jack doesn't see what's coming.

Suddenly the walls are closing in. And in the next twenty-four hours, Jack will defy direct orders, tamper with evidence, kidnap the con's girlfriend--and run from the law with a .45 hidden beneath his sports coat. Because Jack Marconi, keeper of laws, men, secrets, and memories, has been set up--by a conspiracy that has turned everyone he ever trusted into an enemy. And everything he ever believed in into the worst kind of lie.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Model Agent, a novel by Sean Sweeney

The human body consists of two-thirds water.

As concertgoers on a steamy day in Boston find out, water can kill as much as it gives life.

A terrorist attack at City Hall Plaza has the authorities perplexed. The government, in response, sends in a capable but young agent – an agent born from the ashes of terrorism itself – to handle it.

But as her partner dies and the terrorist strikes again, Jaclyn Johnson – code named Snapshot – finds herself in a situation she has trained a decade to face: She’s up against a man with enough money to finance a war against his competition. With a deadline in place to stop him – and with a car holding enough hidden tricks to evade capture – Snapshot infiltrates his hidden installation and finds out her target’s true end game, a secret that could have the world fighting over water.

Priced at $2.99

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American Idol Exposed, a Hollywood Tell-All by Justin Buckles

The sex, the drugs, the lies, the cheating, and now the TRUTH. After nearly half a decade of employment on American Idol it's time to share my stories, warts and all. American Idol Exposed is a fly on the wall account of my days on the show. We're talking about everything you wanted to know but never thought you'd be able to ask. The truth. The whole truth and nothing but. This is my Idol life. These are the stories I lived on a daily basis while I was employed within the Los Angeles production offices, these are the stories I breathed on the audition tours that took me around the United States in search of a star to manufacture. I was one of a select few lucky enough to work behind the scenes of the number one show in America. This is the story they don't want you to know.

Priced at $3.99.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sugar and Spice, a novel by Saffina Desforges

Sugar & Spice is a ground-breaking new crime-thriller set against the background of Britain's fragmented criminal justice system, with the key protagonists the mother and partner of a murdered child.

Inspired by a news story of a man who begged a Judge to give him a longer sentence, because he knew he would harm another child if released without treatment, Sugar & Spice is meticulously researched, asking the questions society prefers not to have answered. At once disquieting and challenging, Sugar & Spice is car-crash reading.

Two boys find the severed arm of a missing child.
For the distraught mother, Claire Meadows, and her partner Matt Burford, the arrest of local sex-offender Thomas Bristow seems to offer closure. But doubts soon emerge.

Another child is killed while Bristow is on remand awaiting trial.

Driven by a mother's need to know, Claire visits Bristow in prison. He presents a compelling defence, convincing Claire not only that he is innocent of harming her daughter, but that his previous convictions were not what they seemed. Would you trust a convicted sex offender to help you find your daughter's killer? Claire did...

Running parallel to this is Greg Randall's story: a respectable accountant and utterly devoted father of six year old twins. But for Randall, the murder has brought to the fore private demons he has long been struggling to cope with: When you've got two young children, and you think the unthinkable, where do you turn?

Fearing he might one day lose control, Randall seeks counselling at a prestigious private clinic, licensed by the Home Office to treat sex-offenders. Randall's struggle to balance his family life as he undergoes "therapy," runs alongside the hunt for the child-killer, until eventually the two story-lines inexorably converge.
With the Police inquiry floundering, Matt and Claire embark on their own investigation, teaming up with a second-year psychology student and a fourteen year-old truant schoolboy to bring one man's reign of terror to an end.

Warning: The research is meticulous, and the characters based on real-life studies.

But be warned: In Sugar & Spice not all things are nice...

Priced at 99 cents.

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The Righteous, a novel by Michael Wallace

Medical student Jacob Christianson is sent by church elders to investigate a murder within the polygamist enclave of Blister Creek, Utah. He brings his young sister Eliza, who must choose a husband from three old men jostling for power within the church hierarchy.

Jacob discovers that the murdered woman has been killed in accordance with secret blood oaths taken within the polygamist temple. Together with his sister, he uncovers a plot to overthrow the church leadership, with murders that reach beyond the community and into the “gentile” world. The Righteous is a heart-pounding suspense-thriller with a depth that will haunt the reader long after the last page is turned.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pages of Promises, a collection by Stephen James Price

“Pages of Promises is a perfect title for this page-turning collection of short stories, for Stephen James Price is a very promising writer indeed.”--Bentley Little, author of THE BURNING and HIS FATHER'S SON

Pages of Promises is a collection of 14 dark, speculative fiction stories straight out of the twisted imagination of Stephen James Price. From a paean to Stephen King to the child of a serial killer, Price explores dark corners of the human heart with wit and skill. At the end of the volume, Price allows the reader to glimpse the insights and incidents that gave birth to each story.

Price is a Writers of the Future contest finalist and his work also appears in GRAVE CONDITIONS and THE OUTSIDERS.

"Stephen Price's stories have that smart, sharp snap that I look for in a short story ... He cuts deep and fast."
--Rick Hautala, Author of OCCASIONAL DEMONS and REUNION

"From psychological horror to coming-of-age chillers, Price is right--a welcome voice in genre fiction."
--Scott Nicholson, Author of The Red Church and Drummer Boy

Priced at 99 cents.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fourteen Days Later, a novel by Sibel Hodge

Fourteen Days Later was short listed for the Harry Bowling Prize 2008 and received a Highly Commended by the Yeovil Literary Prize 2009. It is a romantic comedy with a unique infusion of British and Turkish Cypriot culture. Written in a similar style to Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes, it is My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets Bridget Jones.

When accident-prone Helen Grey finds a thong stuffed into the pocket of her boyfriend’s best work trousers, it’s time for her to move on. His excuse that he needed to dust the photocopier and just thought that it was a rag sounds like a lame excuse. Helen’s life is propelled in an unexpected direction after her best friend, Ayshe, sets her a fourteen-day, life-changing challenge.

Helen receives a task everyday which she must complete without question. The tasks are designed to build her confidence and boost her self-esteem but all they seem to do is push her closer to Ayshe’s brother, Kalem.

How will Kalem and Helen get together when she’s too foolish to realize that she loves him? How can he fall for her when he is too busy falling prey to her mishaps and too in love with his own perfect girlfriend? How will Kalem’s Turkish Cypriot family react when they find out?

Is it really possible to change your life in fourteen days?

Priced a $3.99

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Book of Souls, by Jack Ketchum

In this intimate glimpse into the heart of his own creative spirit, Jack Ketchum shares his early career, literary influences, and some of the characters that formed the man he has become. From his early respect and admiration for Henry Miller to the tortured lives of friends, and the aftermath of 9/11 - these are the stories that define a career. This is the kind of book that opens windows into the soul. Step up and take a look.

Pried at $3.99.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Sisters (The Emily Castles Mysteries), a novella by Helen Smith

It's bonfire night in London. Emily has been invited to a party in the big house at the end of her street by the new owners, whom she has never met. Emily's dog Jessie has recently died so Emily is feeling a little raw and emotional. How could she know, as she left her house that evening, that she was making an appointment with death?

Three Sisters is short fiction - approximately 17,000 words, equivalent to around 70 printed pages. It is the first story in a new comic mystery series by award-winning novelist Helen Smith, featuring amateur sleuth, Emily Castles.

It contains no swear words or sexual content.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Before Sunrise, a collection by John Prescott

Before Sunrise is a collection of 14 tales of horror, supernatural and the weird and it guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its pages. Follow Kyle Davidson as he, against his best friend's warning, gives his much loved animals a growth formula that gives unexplainable results. Sit inside a hotel as a category 5 hurricane bears down on a handful of people stranded on the Gulf Coast and with the storm comes something beyond imagination. Go with a hunter as he ventures out in the woods in the early morning only to find the woods are not what they seem. A small family with a child and an elderly relative living with them come to realize they have an unwelcome guest residing within their walls.
Other stories included are Chicken Bones, I am Justice, and Terror at 2:47a.m. All these and more await you within the pages of Before Sunrise, John Prescott's first short story collection. Also included is a special section entitled How It All Came to Be. This section is done by the author and tells how each story came to mind and then written. Once you start reading you will find this short story collection a hot page turner and you will not want to put it down.
Priced at $2.00
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Werewolf's Grief, a novel by Robert W. Walker


An escaped madman is heading toward Chicago, leaving behind a trail of corpses. The victims are savagely torn apart--and partially eaten. Is the killer merely a cannibalistic psychopath... or a creature from the darkest pits of superstition?


Only the psychically-gifted detective Abraham Stroud dares to think the forbidden names: Wendigo, Sasquatch, Werewolf. And only Stroud faces the most terrifying truth of all...

Wolves travel in packs.
Priced at $2.99.

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Firefly Island, a novel by Dniel Arenson

When six-year-old Aeolia was sold into slavery to an ogre, her brother vowed he would find and free her some day, and she promised to never use her unique talent for making others feel exactly what she felt. Ten years later, men from the kingdom of Stonemark search her out because she is the only one who can hurt their king, who has become stone so that no physical weapon can harm him. Their arrival gives Aeolia the opportunity to flee the ogre and launches her on a quest that will bring friendships with the Firechild of the healing Helands and the shape-shifting Forestlands Firechild while she strives to free the Esirian refugees and liberate all Firefly Island from evil King Sinther's despotic rule. The violent and gory world Arenson has created is filled with interesting details and cultures; although the characters never quite come alive, he is an author to watch. Tixier Herald, Diana

Priced at $2.99.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

33 A.D., a novel by David McAfee

THE #1 UK HORROR BESTSELLER! On Sale for 99 Cents for a limited time!

Jerusalem, 33 A.D. The vampires of the era have long sought to gain a foothold into Israel, but the faith of the local Jewish population has held them in check for centuries.

When one of their own betrays them to follow a strange young rabbi from Galilee, the elders of the vampire race dispatch Theron, a nine hundred year old assassin, to kill them both.

The rabbi's name is Jesus. Killing him should be easy.

For a limited time, the following excerpts are included with the Kindle version of this book:

Excerpt from TORMENT, by Jeremy Bishop
Excerpt from BENEATH, by Jeremy Robinson


“David McAfee’s 33 AD is a bloody thrill-ride through biblical Jerusalem that pits Jesus Christ against vampire assassins. What’s not to like? 33 AD is a kick-ass, violent and highly-imaginative tale that you should be downloading to your Kindle *right now*.”
Lee Goldberg, author of MY GUN HAS BULLETS, The JURY series, and the MONK series.

"33 A.D. by David McAfee is a wildly original, non-stop pulse pounder that tells the story of a vampire assassin whose mission is to kill Jesus of Nazareth. In a genre mired by cliché stories, this stands out as something bold and new."
Jeremy Robinson, author of Pulse and Instinct

"David McAfee's 33 A.D. is a truly compelling and unique perspective on the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. With all the skill of a seasoned novelist, McAfee's thriller brings a melange of riveting characters, otherworld mythology, and political intrigue together in one fascinating read - a tautly paced winner on all levels."
Jon F. Merz, author of the Lawson Vampire novels & Parallax

"This story is an action-packed thriller, filled with mystery, intrigue, betrayal and murder. The attention to detail and careful plotting are masterfully done. You'd never guess this was David McAfee's first novel."
Jess Haines, author of Hunted by the Others

"One of the most original and imaginative books in this popular genre, 33 A.D. is sure to please even the most ardent vampire lovers."
Donnie Light, author of Dark Justice

"David McAfee spins a vampire yarn that obliterates all predecessors."
Ellen C. Maze, author of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider

"When compared to other vampire stories out there, 33 A.D. carves its own niche."
Dark Wyrm Reads -

"...a fun, bloody addition to vampire lore...these vampires are brutish, bloody, murderous monsters. Look for sex and sparkles elsewhere."
David Dalglish, author of the Half-Orc series

About The Author:

David McAfee is the author of the vampire novels 33 A.D. and Saying Goodbye to the Sun as well as the horror novel, GRUBS. His next horror novel, The Gallows Tree, is scheduled to be released in October 2010. David is currently working on another vampire novel, BAIT, after which he will begin working on the oft-asked for sequel to 33 A.D.

David lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife, daughter, and a small army of loyal but dysfunctional pets. As of this writing, he and his wife are expecting their first child together, who will no doubt grow to be just as deranged as the rest of the McAfee clan.

God help us all.

Priced at 99 cents.

Buy it directlyfrom Amazon by clicking here.

October Girls, a novel by L.C. Glazebrook (Scott Nicholson)


Five days until Halloween and all hell is about to break loose.

And it’s all Crystal’s fault.

Momma warned her not to consort with the dead and tried to teach her the magic spells that would close the portal to the afterlife. But Crystal doesn’t want to be a trailer-trash witch like Momma. She has dreams of going to community college and escaping the Appalachian town of Parson’s Ford.

Her best friend Bone is only too happy to escape the afterlife and help Crystal break the rules. Bone died too young, and she’ll do whatever it takes to remain among the living.

Then a teen movie maker comes to Parson’s Ford, and he has a very special project in mind: a horror movie starring a real ghost. The kids who watch his movies turn into brainwashed zombies. And to totally complicate matters, Crystal thinks he’s kind of a hunk, and she’s afraid her boyfriend Pettigrew only loves her because of Momma’s magic spells.

Now it’s Halloween, the night when the portal to the afterlife is widest, and somebody’s been messing with Momma’s potions. The fate of the world is in Crystal’s hands, but she hasn’t been paying attention to her lessons. And a mysterious figure in the afterlife is urging Bone to stay loyal to her own kind instead of to Crystal.

The movie is rolling, the creatures are stirring, and the brainwashed teenagers are ready to welcome a new star from the other side of the grave.

Crystal and Bone must overcome drama queens, coffin cuties, and mangled magic if they want to remain best friends forever—but at this rate, forever may not last much longer.

L.C. Glazebrook is the family pen name of author Scott Nicholson. With contributions from Girl and The Left-Handed Puppeteer, together they are creating LC's secret identity. She was raised in Batesville, Indiana, the casket capital of the country, and was kicked out of Catholic School in the seventh grade. She's an art teacher and community artist. She's a beekeeper, gardener, and paraglider.

Scott Nicholson is author of 12 thrillers, including the bestselling Disintegration and The Red Church, as well as the paranormal romance Cursed! with J.R. Rain. Learn more about his bestselling thriller and mystery novels at or Author Central.
Priced at 99 cents.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Cages And Those Who Hold The Keys, a collection by Gary A. Braunbeck

Cages and Those Who Hold the Keys is a collection of five novellas from Gary A. Braunbeck.

150,000 words.

In the Midnight Museum - Bram Stoker Award-nominated for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction, 2005
Martin Tyler is a 44-year-old janitor whose life has come to a sputtering halt; he has no friends, no family, and no promise of better days ahead. In the grip of blackest depression, he attempts to take his own life, only to find himself waking up in a local mental health facility where he has been placed for observation.

But something more has happened to Martin than just a failed suicide attempt; certain doors of perception have been unlocked in his mind, allowing him to see fantastic creatures that lurk outside on the streets of Cedar Hill - creatures only he can perceive.

Over the next 48 hours, Martin will discover what these creatures are, who controls them, and why he must enter The Midnight Museum, a place with no doors or windows, but many entrances and exits; a place just outside the perception of everyday life; a place where Martin will discover how and why he inadvertently holds the fate of the world in his hands.

The Ballad of Road Mama and Daddy Bliss

In the novella The Ballad of Road Mama and Daddy Bliss, a man assigned community service duty with the city morgue after a DUI arrest is offered a simple deal: transport an old woman's body back to her hometown, and his record will be wiped clean. But this is no typical old woman, and -- as he soon discovers -- he is taking her to a town that is on no map. The old woman's identity, as well as the reasons behind the town's secret existence, will be revealed to him over the course of a few nightmarish hours between midnight and dawn -- the time when The Road demands its sacrifices.

Kiss of the Mudman

International Horror Guild Award for Long Fiction, 2007

A haunting story behind the lyrics of a rock song from the 70s. It is a story of music, stardom, death, and the combination of notes that brings dirty destruction to the Cedar Hill halfway house. Along the way, a visit from the "ulcerations" of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, John Entwistle and Keith Moon, Kurt Cobain, and Billie Holiday enlighten the legend of just why the greatest guitar player that ever lived was a woman. Music fans will love it, and Braunbeck's fans should not miss it. It has all the things that make his work special: the pain, the despair, and the fear, all combined but with each one allowed its own moment in the sun, each one getting its own time with your nerves before they all come crashing down, leaving you with just enough energy to turn the page.


A haunted, young actress returns home after the death of her father to discover that her brother has seemingly gone insane. Over the course of one unnerving night she first witnesses — and then becomes a part of — a Halloween nightmare that, piece by piece, physically brings back the past, rips a hole in her consensual reality, and allows demons, monsters, and even a miracle or two to shamble into this world and transform it into the darkest of fairy tales...

The Sisterhood of Plain-Faced Women

'The Sisterhood of Plain-Faced Women' is the story of Amanda, who gains beauty but at a terrible price as her new physical attributes are torn from other people, the tale never less than compelling and with a heartfelt moral at its core.

Priced at $5.99.

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Let It Bleed. a novel by S.L. Schmitz

"1983. A Razorblade Boy, lead singer with an obscure industrial band. A Dead Girl, a wandering, bruised waif living on the edge of madness. One’s the voice of youth - the other, the mother of the next Savior of the human race.

But there’s a problem – the Dead Girl was only meant to produce the Savior, not fall in love with the Razorblade Boy. That means trouble for All-God – catastrophic trouble, with cosmic repercussions. The Dead Girl, All-God’s most beloved and most damaged of all his creations, becomes a beacon of assault for all those beings of Light and unLight, and her fall into spiritual decline threatens to unleash forces beyond even the comprehension of the most enlightened human.

The Angels of the Apocalypse are standing in the wings, just waiting for the trigger.... the Razorblade Boy or the Savior – which is it to be?"

Priced at $5.99.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Supermale's Gone and Left Us, a novel by Bob Frey

The Straw That Broke Supermale’s Back

How much can a man, especially if he is a superhero, take? Striped searched and sent to the pokey as an illegal alien. Locked up with liars, thieves, and murderers and treated as a common criminal by the warden and prison guards alike. Scorned as a snitch and Boy Scout by the other inmates, Supermale, the defender of truth, liberty, and the American way of life, declines to escape since it would be breaking the law and send the wrong message to America’s youth. Finally, since his country of origin no longer exists and the authorities have no place to deport him to, the super patriot is declared a national security threat and detained at Gitmo Bay as an enemy combatant.

Is that the final straw that breaks the superhero’s back or is there more? At any rate, Supermale’s gone and left us. How does that bode for the future of the United States and the free world?

Priced at 99 cents.

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Pale Blue Jesus, a novel by John O'Dowd

“Jesus H. Christ, Walker, the answer is Levon Helm and it's the start of another perfect day...”

With that, Geoff Walker started a day he would never forget. There was never much trouble in Paloma, New Mexico. Geoff Walker, retired and bored, had to choose between being the small town’s marshal and chairman of the local school board and its three-room school. With a background in law and a dusty law degree packed in his attic, he chose marshal. Until the day that he found the body of Juan Valdez it had seemed like a good choice.

The old man had been crucified; complete with a crown of barbed-wire thorns and a message in blood above his head. Juan had not struggled before or during his crucifixion. All evidence seemed to point to the possibility that he had cooperated with his killer. Juan Valdez was involved with the Penitentes, a small, secret sect of a Catholic church that had moved into a modern age and left them behind. The Penitentes practiced a fundamentalist form of Christianity.

The Penitente recognized the value of pain. Only through suffering as Christ did would they be absolved of sin. No one but Geoff wants to know how and why Juan Valdez died. Through museums, art galleries in chic Santa Fe and state police stations in the cold desert, Geoff continues his search and discovers that the killer may not be a murderer and the crucifixion may not be a crime.

A mystery novel from the author of Mahko's Knife. Learn more about John O'Dowd at

Priced at $2.99

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Forever Never Ends, a novel by Scott Nicholson

A new kind of zombie...

When an alien entity lands in the remote Southern Appalachian Mountains, a clairvoyant psychology professor, a drunken dirt farmer, and a disillusioned tycoon must team up to stop it before the infection spreads.

The alien roots spread into the forest and feed on the surrounding organisms, altering the life forms it encounters. Plants wilt from the contact, trees wither, animals become deformed monstrosities, and people become botanical zombies driven to convert their neighbors.

Tamara Leon must control the telepathic connection she develops with the alien and attempt to understand it in order to destroy it. But the psychic bond could consume her as she leads her unlikely partners into battle.

The alien doesn’t want to devastate the world. It only wants to survive. But so do the people whose metabolism has become food for an otherworldly reaper
Priced at 99 cents.

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The Miracle Inspector, a novel by Helen Smith

A darkly comic literary thriller set in the near future. England has been partitioned and London is an oppressive place where poetry has been forced underground, theatres and schools are shut, and women are not allowed to work outside the home. A young couple, Lucas and Angela, try to escape from London - with disastrous consequences.

Helen Smith was the recipient of an Arts Council Award for The Miracle Inspector.

"The Miracle Inspector is one of the few novels that everyone should read, it's a powerful novel that's masterfully written and subtly complex." 5* SciFi and Fantasy Books

'Smith is at the very least a minor phenomenon.' The Times

Priced at 99 cents.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Roll of the Die, a novel by Sean Bridges

An Ex-Con on the straight and narrow is pulled into a twisted game of Russian Roulette in Las Vegas to save his wife. 666. Six Contestants, six chambers in a revolver and six sides of a die.

Riley Toback is at a crossroads. After serving a four year prison sentence for Armed Robbery, he’s determined to make a fresh start in Atlantic City.

Until his brother-in-law, drowning in gambling debt, convinces him to pull a heist at a Jersey Shore nightclub.

In the aftermath of the botched robbery, Karim Rashid, a vicious Indian gangster, tracks them down. And he makes Riley an offer.

Triple Six, a game that’s played once a year in Las Vegas. One round is loaded into a revolver and the chamber is spun. The Contestant rolls a die, with the face value dictating how many times the weapon is fired.

If you can survive three rounds, you win.

With his wife and life on the line, Riley takes the deal.
Priced at $4.99.

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Fall From Grace, a novel by Richard Jackson

As a Caster, Tyler uses cybernetic implants to broadcast his emotions and experiences to the viewers at home. He is living a life of action and adventure--until he loses his job. Now he must hustle illegal broadcasts and take odd jobs to survive.

When his agent is killed, Tyler is framed for the crime. With his only allies--an ex-cop turned criminal and a bartending medical student--Tyler is plunged into the middle of a mystery and comes face to face with the darker side of the broadcasting industry. Tyler soon learns there is much more for him to lose...and much farther to fall.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Color Me Grey, a novel by J.C. Phelps

Meet Alexis Stanton, a 5' 4" petite young woman with a yen for adventure. She grew up as a tomboy wishing she could have all the adventures boys could have. She has since decided that being a boy instead of a girl has its advantages, but being a woman is much better. Raised in a family with money, she was able to pick and choose her education. She had been schooled in everything from being a lady to courses with Special Forces instructors. Her desire for adventure and her boredom with her current employment and a strange 'HELP WANTED' ad causes her to quit. She finds that job she could "just die for"... and it looks like she just might!

Priced at 99 cents.

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Vampire Dreams (Bloodscreams #1) a novel by Robert W. Walker


Andover is a quiet town. No screams disturb its slumber, although perhaps they should--when the bones of the dead are taken form their graces, and the residents begin to disappear...

But who could guess that behind the walls of a local hospital, a cult of inhuman bloodsuckers lurk and feed and fiendishly devise a new defense against their ancient weakness? When modern medicine teams with undead evil, only one man can stop it.


Abraham Stroud is many things: archeologist, psychic, and detective. But more than that, he's a man who sees past the deceptive reality of everyday life, into the dark shadows where the horrors of myth and nightmare dwell. His is a lonely battle against monsters no one else dares to believe in.

But you don't have to believe in vampires for them to tear you apart...

Priced at $2.99.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Moon: Tigress by the Tail, a novel by Teresa D'Amario

Lance is a Wizard. He's not a great wizard, but he's all right. Descended from a long line of wizards, his brothers taunt him for being slow to learn. And as the youngest, it’s his due course to accept such teasing. Life is good, and normal. For a wizard that is.
Cassie is a Shifter. A tigress to be exact. Raised by her father after her mother's death she's as well adjusted as any shifter can be, and still live in the human world, hiding who and what she is.

Bliss comes to a screeching halt the night Satanists kidnap Cassie and her best friend to use as sacrifices to bring forth their Dark Lord. When Cassie literally collides into Lance, she begs him to help them escape their captors, despite the dangers. The couple work together to save the life of Cassie’s friend, only to discover a shocking passion driving them closer together at a time when both should be devastated. But when Lance overhears Cassie's father threaten his life, he heads for the hills. Cassie follows, determined to clear up the confusion. But evil is still afoot and Cassie is taken by a secret government organization dedicated to the eradication of all things magick. Is Lance willing to put his life on the line for a woman he believes is out to kill him? Especially when he realizes the organization that’s taken her, is the one he works for?

Buy ir directly from Amazon by clicking here.

Dead Man's Eyes, a novel by Sean Jeffrey

Blighted by an eye disease, Joanna Raines undergoes a corneal transplant operation to stop her going blind. The procedure is successful, but in the weeks that follow she begins to see dark coronas surrounding certain people. By turns fearful that something has gone wrong and worried that she's going crazy, Joanna searches for an answer to the phenomena.

What she finds will change her life forever. The transplant has opened a door in her mind, and the strange coronas are not legacies of the operation but proof that a legion of demons plans to invade the earth!

Now the only thing that stands between the demonic horde and their plot to take over the world is Joanna, a young woman with the power to see them for what they really are.

Seeing is believing.

The demons are real.

Joanna just has to convince everyone else before it's too late.

Priced at 99 cents.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Calamity, a novel by J.T. Warren

There is no emotion deadlier than grief. This fact makes a profound impact on each member of the Williams family as they follow separate paths to answer the age-old question, "What would you do to save your family?"

One will pay with their life. One will lose touch with reality. One will lose everything that is dear to them and one will pay in ways unimaginable.

It's hard to question God's will. Even when His disciples are destoying your family.

Priced at $2.99

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Flaming Dove: The Demon Angel, a novel by Daniel Arenson

Outcast from Hell. Banished from Heaven. Lost on Earth.The battle of Armageddon was finally fought... and ended with no clear victor. Upon the mountain, the armies of Hell and Heaven beat each other into a bloody, uneasy standstill, leaving the Earth in ruins. Armageddon should have ended with Heaven winning, ushering in an era of peace. That's what the prophecies said. Instead, the two armies--one of angels, one of demons--hunker down in the scorched planet, lick their wounds, and gear up for a prolonged war with no end in sight.

In this chaos of warring armies and ruined landscapes, Laila doesn't want to take sides. Her mother was an angel, her father a demon; she is outcast from both camps. And yet both armies need her, for with her mixed blood, Laila can become the ultimate spy... or ultimate soldier. As the armies of Heaven and Hell pursue her, Laila's only war is within her heart--a struggle between her demonic and heavenly blood.

Included:  Free excerpt from A Dance of Cloaks, an epic fantasy novel by David Dalglish.

Priced at $2.99

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Games, a novel by Patricia McLinn

Originally published by Delphi Books

Medals can be won, careers can be made, hearts can be lost.

From the pomp of Opening Ceremonies to the good-byes of Closing Ceremonies, join three remarkable women during the Winter Olympics. Tessa Rutledge, once an Olympic champion figure skater, returns as a coach, encountering her first love – and heartbreak – and testing her ability to forgive. Alpine skier Kyle Armstrong has made a mistake that could cost her Olympic gold and any hope of reconciling with the man she loves. Biathlete Rikki Lodge is just happy to be at the Games, until she meets a hockey player who demands that she puts everything on the line.

Let The Games begin!

Priced at $3.99

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Under Witch Moon, a novel by Maria E. Schneider

Adriel should have known that with a werewolf, it never stopped with just one body. She would have gone to the police after witnessing Dolores' death, but she wasn't certain the killer she saw was responsible for the other murders. Besides, the police didn't believe in werewolves, and they weren't going to believe she was a witch either so what could she tell them?

She kept her eyes and ears open while she tried to help her latest client escape the clutches of a voodoo witch, but things went from bad to worse when more bodies turned up. She was greatly relieved when she met White Feather, an undercover cop. Unfortunately, he wasn't convinced she was innocent of all wrong-doing.

It was going to take every spell she knew and a few she hadn't tried to solve the murders and stay alive.

Priced at $2.99

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Conjure, a novel by Mark West

Newly pregnant, stuck in a job she doesn’t like and mourning the death of her cousin, Beth Hammond’s life isn’t working out the way she thought it would. So when her boyfriend wins a weekend away, at the east coast seaside resort of Heyton, Beth thinks this could be just what they need - some time to themselves, to get away and relax and make their plans for the future.

Unfortunately, as they begin their weekend, there's an accident at the beach and a centuries old memorial is damaged. Something escapes - a presence that was buried beneath the memorial, sealed in a stone tomb, that now wants desperately to get its revenge on the residents of Heyton.

Priced at $2.99

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