Tuesday, March 15, 2011

33 A.D., a novel by David McAfee

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Jerusalem, 33 A.D. The vampires of the era have long sought to gain a foothold into Israel, but the faith of the local Jewish population has held them in check for centuries.

When one of their own betrays them to follow a strange young rabbi from Galilee, the elders of the vampire race dispatch Theron, a nine hundred year old assassin, to kill them both.

The rabbi's name is Jesus. Killing him should be easy.

For a limited time, the following excerpts are included with the Kindle version of this book:

Excerpt from TORMENT, by Jeremy Bishop
Excerpt from BENEATH, by Jeremy Robinson


“David McAfee’s 33 AD is a bloody thrill-ride through biblical Jerusalem that pits Jesus Christ against vampire assassins. What’s not to like? 33 AD is a kick-ass, violent and highly-imaginative tale that you should be downloading to your Kindle *right now*.”
Lee Goldberg, author of MY GUN HAS BULLETS, The JURY series, and the MONK series.

"33 A.D. by David McAfee is a wildly original, non-stop pulse pounder that tells the story of a vampire assassin whose mission is to kill Jesus of Nazareth. In a genre mired by cliché stories, this stands out as something bold and new."
Jeremy Robinson, author of Pulse and Instinct

"David McAfee's 33 A.D. is a truly compelling and unique perspective on the events surrounding the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. With all the skill of a seasoned novelist, McAfee's thriller brings a melange of riveting characters, otherworld mythology, and political intrigue together in one fascinating read - a tautly paced winner on all levels."
Jon F. Merz, author of the Lawson Vampire novels & Parallax

"This story is an action-packed thriller, filled with mystery, intrigue, betrayal and murder. The attention to detail and careful plotting are masterfully done. You'd never guess this was David McAfee's first novel."
Jess Haines, author of Hunted by the Others

"One of the most original and imaginative books in this popular genre, 33 A.D. is sure to please even the most ardent vampire lovers."
Donnie Light, author of Dark Justice

"David McAfee spins a vampire yarn that obliterates all predecessors."
Ellen C. Maze, author of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider

"When compared to other vampire stories out there, 33 A.D. carves its own niche."
Dark Wyrm Reads - http://darkwymreads.blogspot.com

"...a fun, bloody addition to vampire lore...these vampires are brutish, bloody, murderous monsters. Look for sex and sparkles elsewhere."
David Dalglish, author of the Half-Orc series

About The Author:

David McAfee is the author of the vampire novels 33 A.D. and Saying Goodbye to the Sun as well as the horror novel, GRUBS. His next horror novel, The Gallows Tree, is scheduled to be released in October 2010. David is currently working on another vampire novel, BAIT, after which he will begin working on the oft-asked for sequel to 33 A.D.

David lives in Knoxville, TN with his wife, daughter, and a small army of loyal but dysfunctional pets. As of this writing, he and his wife are expecting their first child together, who will no doubt grow to be just as deranged as the rest of the McAfee clan.

God help us all.

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