Monday, April 11, 2011

Sands of Time, a novel by Bruce Sarte

In one tragic moment, Sam Shepard's family was gone. His wife and children taken from him in a tragic accident following a bitter
argument. Sam is left alone struggling with a mountain of guilt and a chasm of grief that can only be filled with alcohol. When a young, attractive woman comes to stay at his inn, Sam thinks his luck might be changing. She brings him comfort and a kindred spirit suffering through her own loss. Is she the answer to everything he has been wrestling with for all this time? Soon after, Sam begins to have dreams about his dead wife and have hallucinations of her speaking tomhim. Has the alcohol finally gotten the best of him?

With the help of his manager Natalie, his best friend Curtis and his
Pastor; can Sam follow the clues that will save his future -- or will he just become another victim of The Caealitus?
Priced at 99 cents.
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