Thursday, April 7, 2011

Box of Lies, a novel by Mark LaFLamme

$2.99 for Kindle only. Discover a place where men and women are forced to march for their daily bread, the end of the world doesn’t guarantee a way out and every tiny decision that you make could influence the future in giant ways.

From Maine author Mark LaFlamme, 27 disturbing tales that question the world around us, each more unsettling than the last.

A professor discovers that we all may be works of fiction. A freak storm leaves half the population speaking gibberish and the grandest secrets of them all may await in the grave.

"LaFlamme is like a graffiti artist sliding around a corner in the dark with his collar turned up, a few bold strokes and he's moved on--but the territory of your mind has been tagged with his distinctive images."
–Linda Bulger, Amazon

Table for One
The Bender Argument
Dead Things
Knick Knack
Feast of Friends
The Neighborhood
The Whole Shebang
Find a Penny
The Village Store at the End of the World
Wish You Were Here
Bone Lake
Box of Lies
Out There
Our House
Dual Sport: A Love Story
The End
Priced at $2.99

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