Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bell, a novella by Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis

The tiny Welsh village of Upper Cynffig has a secret known only to a handful of people who live in fear of outsiders and of something that appears in their midst when hot, dry summers leech moisture from the world.

When chance brings Neil Cotton to the village, escaping from the wreckage of a broken relationship, he becomes caught up in a series of events that lead inexorably to a confrontation with the unspoken fear that grips the older residents.

The Bell is a short novel of terror by the multiple British Fantasy Award nominated authors of The Quarry and The Ice Maiden.

"Lockley & Lewis have a compelling and brilliant writing style and display a great ability to create and maintain suspense and terror." -- Mario Guslandi

"'It's said that the divergent thinker will go to hell faster, while the convergent will go deeper. This partnership must feature both." -- Chaz Brenchley

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