Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fourth and Forever, a novel by Bert Carson

Fourth and Forever is the story of Josh Edwards, a 44 year-old, retired Army helicopter pilot and his 18 year-old son, Bobby. After the death of his wife, Kathy, Josh suggests to Bobby that they should leave their home in South Alabama and start a new life in a part of the country where they have never lived. Since Bobby is only a couple of months away from his high school graduation and planning to attend college, Josh, who did not attend college, suggests that they go to school together. Bobby thinks it's great idea.

For more than four years Josh and Bobby have practiced basic football skills; primarily kicking and passing. Originally they began practicing to get help Bobby make his high school team. With that goal achieved they continued the daily football practice sessions just for the fun of it. In the process, Josh, an accomplished long-distance runner and bicyclist, became a skilled football kicker and passer.

Bobby was searching for a small college with a Division I football team with the notion that he would go to walk-on try outs and make the football team. Josh and Bobby settled on The University of Montana where, as planned, Bobby tried out for and made the UM Grizzly football team. What they hadn't planned on was Coach Brent Jenkins' invitation to Josh to become the team's kicker and backup quarterback. Josh reluctantly accepted and in the first game of the season found himself stepping in as the Grizzlies starting quarterback.

Josh, nicknamed "Daddy" by the player's and coaches, taught the team about Vietnam, PTSD, and living in the moment. In the process he evolved from player, to mentor, and in some cases father-figure for his teammates. What about the Division I National Championship???? Read the book and find out.

Fourth and Forever is about football, obviously, but it also about relationships, love, integrity, and honor - and, lest I forget, there is a dog named Flexible, a girl named Janet, and a woman named Meg; along with two veteran football commentators named Jim and Charlie.

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