Monday, February 28, 2011

Afterthought, a novel by Janet Clare

Afterthought takes us on a journey along the roughest outback track in Australia with Lilly, a forty-five year old New Yorker, her newly-found father, Cameron, rogue and legendary explorer, his son, Grant, highly desirable platypus professor, and Jen, Grant’s twenty-something Sartre-loving daughter.
Lilly, smart and sensual, her own moral code waving in the wind, finds herself out of her element in a place where night comes on “like a door slamming shut," her former husband, artist and general all-around drunk, never far from her mind as she recalls her life before being enveloped in sand and heat.
This is a story of the power and destructiveness of secrets, of taboos and the thrill of transgression, of love lost and found and lost again; reminding us of the mistake of forgetting our good luck and the naiveté of assuming we are ever exactly where we think we should be in the world.
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